Friday, June 11, 2010

A New Take on The Off-Circle Vessel

I am working on a new project!

I have been wanting to widen the lips of my Off Circle vessels. After a few unsuccessful trials of trying to construct these wide lipped bowls with the same method I had previously used, I decided to rethink my concept and technique. I realized that I wanted to create pieces that gave the sense of weight and heft, but in actuality were very light. Producing my Off Circle vessel as a double-walled form was the conclusion that I came to. Creating a vessel with double walls will give me the heavy look and light feel that I am going for. It will also solve my problem with constructing a wide lip. Hopefully...

Above are some images of the interior and exterior walls that I carved. I will create molds from these clay volumes, into which I will press thin slabs of clay.