Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Current Work

My cups will be on display at the Gloria Kennedy Gallery in Brooklyn from March 19 to April 25.

Gloria Kennedy Gallery - 111 Front Street Gallery 222 DUMBO Brooklyn, NY - tel: 718.858.5254 Hours 1-6 Wed-Sat or by appointment


serpiL said...

bayildim bunlara bayildim. isterim. o koseli gibi olan cuplarda karsilikli corba ictigimiz gunleri beklerim...

Quietgirl said...

Hi Yasha! This is the non-Mexican woman in Mat's cohort at school :)

Your ceramics are stunning. Honestly.

I blog here- please come snoop!

I (also) fancy myself an artist sometimes, but in no way as defined and refined as your beautiful art.

My life is insane, but I would enjoy terribly seeing your exhibit this weekend, and will try my damnedest to do so.

Lovely to see you on blogspot! :)